We are a dynamic company, with a solid base in the market, since almost 30 years. A company, with the willpower of a young enterprise, with a clear vision to the future. Established in September 1991, by Mr. Leo Biasino. Now under the wings of Vandekerckhove, but with the same crew as many years.

In 2001 moved to Aalter, due to the expansion, where we run BTS with passion and a steady crew for over several years. Since 2019 we're moved to Ghent, in cooperation with Q-Team. BTS is a wholesaler in industrial tyres and rims. We give full service in the Benelux and the North of France. Import and export in Europe isn’t odd for u.

The formation of a team, inside the company, but also between various enterprices, leads to a fluent, pleasant way of working and an optimal customer services.

  • Customer efficiency
  • Continue follow up and analyses
  • Feedback between the client and the manufacturer
  • Fast claimtreatment

Those are the elements who contribute to a high quality services.


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